Debt Consolidation Loan Solutions
Debt Loans for Homeowners seeking better financial management and minimized interest with secure consolidation.

We are a financial company that provides several popular debt consolidation loan programs. As a trusted debt consolidation company offers debt consolidation loans to reduce your interest owed with fixed payments solutions. Start saving money instantly by consolidating credit cards debts and adjustable rate loans into one easy low payment loan.

Consolidating debt can reduce your monthly savings tremendously. Debt payments can be cut more than in half!! Get back in control of your debt, and make the most of all financial opportunities as a homeowner.

All of our debt loan programs are available whether you have any tangible equity earned in your home. Paying off credit card debts can save you a small fortune over the term of the loan.

80-100% LTV (Loan To Value )
The A1 Debt Consolidation Loan Company offers a refinance solution for select homeowners to borrow money to 100%. (LTV= Loan To Value.) This loan is most commonly used to consolidate debts. If you apply, this loan will combine all of your debts into an installment loan. The 125% loan program has been put on hold until the secondary market rebounds.  Many consumers are evaluating debt relief programs like debt settlement that enable people to settle credit card debt.

Benefit: One low monthly payment, reduced interest and more savings over time

Downside: Interest rates are higher than 80% equity loan offers. You also may not be able to deduct the total loan amount with a 125% LTV. In most cases the only thing that you can deduct is the value of the home. The other concern would be if you decided to sell your home. When you sell your home, the 1st and 2nd mortgage companies are the first to get paid at the closing of escrow.

Contact your A1- loan agent for more details. Consolidating credit card debt is ideal for owner's that have little to no equity in their home. See Refinancing and Home Equity for more options.

Non-Homeowner? Don’t Qualify for a Secure Debt Consolidation Loan?
We have a new 2010 debt reduction programs with unsecured loans and other debt relief.  Ask your debt advisor about debt settlement vs. a debt loan for your specific financial situation.  The popular bad credit debt consolidation loan is very difficult to find these days and when you do the interest rates are very high

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